Host a Pop-Up Parlour Party at your Workplace!

Arriving in one of our delightful ice cream vehicles, we offer your guests a choice of 6 delicious ice cream flavors, served as double scoops in cups or waffle cones. Our packages start at $990 (tax included) for 2 hours of service, providing 150 servings. Have a smaller group? Consider sharing a package with a neighboring team, or ask about our single-serving gift cards, which can be included in your package and redeemed at any of our scoop shops!

Pick Up the Tab at Our Scoop Shop!

Host the ultimate Ice Cream Party for your team, and even include their families, away from the office! Celebrate at our Scoop Shop, where we can set up a tab with a password for a specific date and time, or keep it open for an entire month. Prefer a more flexible option? We also offer coupons for a double scoop waffle cone, which you can distribute to your guests for use at any of our Scoop Shops!

Scoop & Share DIY Party Package

Host the ultimate ice cream experience with our comprehensive DIY kit, perfect for serving up to 75 guests with standard scoops or even more with kid-sized portions. This kit includes everything you need to delight your guests: 3 boxes of our Super Premium Ice Cream, an insulated black catering box, an ice cream scooper, waffle cones, cups, spoons, napkins, and a flavor menu.

Ice Cream Party in a Bag!

Looking to host a quick and hassle-free party at work? Order our Ice Cream Party in a Bag and pick it up at any of our Scoop Shops! No scooping required—each bag includes everything you need for 30 servings: ice cream, toppings, whipped cream, sprinkles, spoons, and napkins!