Good things come in small batches

Back in high school, sisters Theresa and Stacie, former Snohomish County Dairy Princess and 4H dairy cow enthusiast, worked together at the local Baskin Robbins in their home town. As a first job experience outside of the family’s business, the sisters consider the ice cream shop to be the most fun job a teen could get. It was a community gathering place where their friends worked and frequented. Nearly everyone who walked into the shop was in a good mood. And why wouldn’t they be? It’s ice cream! After pursuing other careers, the sisters decided to follow their dream to own and operate their own local ice cream company together: Bliss Small Batch Creamery.

Let Us Bring Bliss To You

We take our delicious ice cream to fairs, festivals, office events, birthday parties, weddings, promotional events, etc.

Tricycle Catering Service

Hand-dipped super premium ice cream cones & cups served out of a cute ice cream tricycle! Great for medium and large events.

Vintage Ice Cream Truck

Meet Kurbie! Kurbie is a full service mobile scoop shop in a vintage truck. Great for medium and large events!

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