Good things come in small batches

Did you know that most ice cream companies color their ice cream with artificial food dyes? Did you also know that a lot of ice cream contains artificial ingredients and fillers? At Bliss Small Batch Creamery, we love color because co lois FUN! So we make our ice cream using plant based colors that come from spirulina, annatto, turmeric, purple carrot and beet juice! And our ice cream full of flavor, made with the creamiest and most simple ice cream base with only the very best all-natural ingredients! We also make and serve several gelato flavors made with alternative milks such as coconut milk, oat milk and almond milk. And most of our ice cream flavors and our house made waffle cones served exclusively in our scoop shop locations are gluten free! Come try some ice cream that truly makes you feel good! And don’t forget to ask for sprinkles! Because c olo r is more FUN!

Let Us Bring Bliss To You

We take our delicious ice cream to fairs, festivals, office events, birthday parties, weddings, promotional events, etc.

Tricycle Catering Service

Let us delight your guests with our super premium ice cream hand dipped at your venue by our dedicated ice cream server into waffle cones and cups! We serve indoors or outdoors at weddings, parties, celebrations of life, and more!

Mobile Ice Cream Service

Let’s get this ice cream party started! We roll up in one of our ice cream vehicles and wow your guests an option of 1 or 2 flavors scooped into cups or waffle cones. This service is very popular with work place appreciations, client appreciations, and just about any other kind of celebration! 

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